Community Amenities

Lobby Coffee Bar

In the 1st floor lobby, we have a 24/7 coffee bar. This is set up with a Keurig coffee maker, sugar packets and creamer cups. However, we do not provide the k-cups.

Mail Center

Our mailing center is located in the 1st floor lobby. Each tenant is given one key for their box. The mailing center also have parcels for oversized boxes. All mailing companies are granted access to the building upon request.

Refrigerator / Freezer

Located in our 1st floor lobby, is a community refrigerator / freezer. This is perfect for food / grocery delivery companies to store cold products. All delivery companies are granted access to the building upon request.


In our courtyard, there’s plenty of room to sit back and relax. We have a gas grill, fireplace, Zen garden, bike storage and plants.

Apartment Amenities

Open Living Room

Open living room layout with windows to provide natural light.

Spacious Bathrooms

The bathroom area is closed off with a sliding barn door. The bathroom area includes your toilet, shower and sink vanity.

Kitchen Area

Each kitchen includes your refrigerator / freezer, dishwasher, sink, two-burner stove, microwave / convection oven and storage cabinets.

Free Parking

Each suite is granted free parking. The parking is located catty-corner from the building. There are no reserved parking spaces.